Heart Gym

A place where you can exercise your heart with all of the necessary equipment and trainers to keep it toned and beautiful (and yummy... of course).

Heart Gym was born out of a desire to extend Tuesday Tisane Ceremonies, after feeling like the hours flew by and no one wanted to go home. It has slowly morphed and developed into a day-long celebration on the last Sunday of each month with multiple offerings from various community members.

Whether its a lego workshop, poetry workshop, emotional embodiment practice, or rhythm and song circle, Heart Gym is a place to learn a new skill, connect with local community, drop out of the frenetic movement of the city, and share your gifts!

The event is open to everyone of all ages and welcomes each person to bring their skills and yummy hearts through.

This event is ticketed and costs $66 for all-day access.

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Heart Gym Details


The event starts at 10am and features rotating workshops, with a ritual Tea Ceremony (where caffeinated tea is served as well as herbal tisanes) and goes until 7pm. A detailed schedule of offerings will be announced the week prior to the event. There is a potluck-style lunch served in the afternoon, where all participants are invited to bring something yummy (from savory to sweet) to share with the community.

In the afternoon, the Sauna and Cold Plunge are made accessible and led in ceremony through meditation, song and breath.


Heart Gym usually takes place on the last Sunday of each month. Hours are roughly 10A - 7P.

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Heart Gym takes place in our Garden Spa + Temple. Our garden is located in the neighborhood of Highland Park, in Northeast Los Angeles. Address and parking information will be sent via email when you sign up for the list.

Heart Trainings

We parter with trainers with all skillsets. Examples of past trainings include: sound baths, breathwork, ecstatic dance, meditations, poetry workshops, tisane ceremonies, and playful activities like lego building.


As part of our day-long Heart Gym gathering, we share in a potluck lunch. Bring your favorite yummy foods to feed our yummy hearts.

Energy Exchange

For this event monetary donations are encouraged and will help pay the Heart Trainers and help keep teas and tisanes on the shelves. Suggested donation is $66 to @theyummyheart on Venmo, though no one is turned away due to lack of funds. You can always reach out to Brett personally to discuss potential exchange.

Brett receives additional gratitude in all forms including; acknowledgment, hugs, spreading the word, crystals, and signing up for future events and offerings.

The Crystal Library

A lovely way to express gratitude is to bring a crystal, mineral, or stone to live in The Yummy Heart Temple. By leaving a crystal, you ensure a piece of you is always present in the space, even if your physical body isn't there. You are also welcome to borrow a crystal from the library if there is one that speaks to you. All of the crystals together help to charge up the energy of the temple and add to the energetic vortex of the space.

Sauna + Cold Plunge

The sauna and cold plunge is available after Heart Gym festivities. Bring an optional bathing suit or sarong, towel and non-glass water bottle if you wish to participate.

If you are interested in sharing your gift with the community please reach out to Brett using the form below with your name and offering. Please include a link to your website.

Past Heart Gym Gatherings

If you have any further questions, please reach out to Brett via the Contact page and he will be happy to answer them.

Heart Gym FAQ

Can I come for only a portion of the day?

Yes, you may come for any portion of the event, however there will be select times for entry and exit as not to disrupt the workshops being offered.

Why $66?

The entrance fee covers both the expenses of running the property and cost of materials as well paying each facilitator for bringing their unique gifts. Since the cast of ‘Heart Trainers’ is revolving and anyone can become one, the majority of money goes back to you, the community members.

What do I need to bring?

Anything to keep you comfortable for the day. Some recommendations are: A change of clothes, layers, water bottle, journal, musical instruments, a bathing suit/sarong, towel, item for potluck.

What if I don't like to cook?

No worries, bring a dish from your local favorite spot, or stop by a grocery store and grab something fast and familiar. Can be as fancy and intricate as you like.

How many people should I plan on feeding?

The cap for the day is 20 people. However, if everyone brings a dish then there will be plenty of food to go around… so think of something that could feed between 4-6 servings.