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Psycho Neuro Energetics

Psycho Neuro Energetics

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The 90-minute session begins with a brief consultation about what led you to this work and present factors in your life. You will be offered a specially-crafted herbal tea infusion that addresses your current state and symptomatology. We’ll discuss diet, minerals, injuries, medical history and what you would like to achieve in the session.

We’ll begin the Somatic Release Technique by sitting in chairs and tracking body sensations, and then move onto the massage table to engage in the Point Holding Process. The session ends with a short sound healing, another tea invitation, and a debrief of the experience as well as next steps.

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If you have any further questions, please reach out to Brett via the Contact page and he will be happy to answer them.

Psycho Neuro Energetics FAQ

What do I need to prepare or bring to a session?

It is recommended to bring a water bottle, a journal and appropriate attire to a session. You will be provided a client intake form which will be required to complete prior to your initial session with The Yummy Heart.

What do I wear for a session?

While what you wear and your comfort level is entirely up to you, it is recommended to wear clothing that will provide the most amount of skin-to-skin contact as that will be most effective in working with the connective tissues in the body. Many male-bodied clients wear boxer shorts or briefs and either are shirtless or wear a tank top. Female-bodied clients often wear sport shorts without an elastic waistband, underwear, bikini bottoms, and either a strapless/adjustable bra,  or loose-fitting tank top. The option to be clothesless is available while being draped with sheets and towels.

I’m afraid that once I start unwinding my trauma I won’t be able to put myself back together again… will this happen to me?

This is a very common and respectable question. It can be very scary to address memories and moments in the past that caused significant amounts of hurt, despair and disruption. Brett believes that the way to shift one's belief systems and subsequently one’s relationship to memory, emotional response, physical sensations, symptoms and behavioral patterns is to allow the nervous system to resolve what hasn’t been resolved in the past and to respond differently. This can look like turning towards a moment of impact in the past and feeling emotions and sensations that weren’t available at the time. In an environment where choice and respect are foundational, Brett has found that many people are able to re-open chapters of their lives and rewrite the narrative leading to more ease, presence and pleasure in their bodies.

What can I expect to happen in my body during a session?

PNE is rooted in an acupressure approach, sustaining long periods of engagement with certain nerve channels and pressure points in the body. This can lead to the body experiencing a range of sensations and emotions, including; sweating, trembling, oscillation between feeling hot and cold, numbness, tingling, pain, laughter, crying, grief, stillness, fidgeting, to name a few. The experience will be guided and facilitated with constant check-in’s and dialogue between you and Brett as you move from sensations towards belief systems and back again.

Why does this bodywork cost $249 while some other massages cost only $60?

There are many answers to this question. First off, each session at The Yummy Heart is scheduled for two hours in order to give you and Brett ample time to discuss your current status and go over goals and intentions providing plenty of time for the on-table work. The cost and depth of schooling as well as continued education courses are factors in pricing as well as the cost of running a small business. Structural Integration Bodywork is also designed to address structural and functional misalignments, which, when addressed, can act as a potential insurance policy against future discomfort, injuries and surgeries, versus simply relieving in-the-moment symptoms.

Where does the money go?

Being a small business owner, most of the money goes towards housing costs, insurance, supplies, marketing services, as well as an investment back to the property and running pro-bono community offerings. When purchasing a Hellerwork Series or PNE Package, 10% of the funds will be donated to one of three organizations of your choosing.

What if I can’t afford it, yet want to experience the work?

Please reach out to Brett directly via the contact page and inquire about payment plans as well as different forms of reciprocity and scholarship opportunities.